Move over Chex Mix!

My mom is obsessed with Chex Mix. Five years ago or so, someone at her workplace brought in a big homemade tub of the stuff and she’s been a addict ever since. She’ll even buy the packaged stuff! My mom will tell you that Chex Mix is an Christmas treat, partly because she first had it at that Christmas work potluck.

If you’ve never had Chex Mix, I won’t hyperbolize it. Its a hodgepodge of cereal (mostly Chex), nuts, pretzels and other dry crunchy bits. All the crunchies are then tossed in butter, worcestershire sauce, and simulated flavoured powders. I’m not too sure why my mom likes it so much, but I think it has to do with the crunchiness and nuts. My mom loves nuts.

This year I’m throwing the Chex Mix out the window. I know my mom loves the stuff, but this year (and subsequent ones) are going to be devoted to Butter Crunch Popcorn. Sure, it’s not spicy and it doesn’t have any simulated flavoured powders, but it has popcorn! And macadamias, pecans and almonds! It’s a mix of sweet caramel covered popped corn and salty, oven roasted nuts.

nuts n corn

Best of all, most homemade caramel corns end up being soft and unappetizing, but this recipe has you bake your coated corn in a low oven to ensure maximum crunchiness. Making caramel corn is so much more festive than Chex Mix! The smell of bubbling caramel, perfectly popped corn, toasty nuts. I’m sure Santa would appreciate a bowl of this by the fireplace!

caramel corn

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