Mint Mint Brownies

mint mint brownies

As I do every Christmas season, I made mint mint brownies today! Mint brownies are perfect during the holiday season. Creamy, minty buttercream is sandwiched between a fudgey, moist brownie layer and a ganache topping.

Brownies are one of those quintessential desserts that most kids grew up with. Did you know back when they were first introduced at the Chicago world’s fair, brownies didn’t contain chocolate? Fannie Farmer’s 1896 recipe only called for butter, sugar, molasses, eggs, flour, and pecans. Personally, I couldn’t live without chocolate in my brownies.

The ratio of chocolate to flour in these brownies is about 3:2. Its how brownies get their distinctive colour and their name. Most people use baking chocolate or Dutch process cocoa. My brownies get a little extra minty deliciousness with a layer of mint butter cream between the ganache and the brownie for a refreshing break! Yum!

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