Chateau Blanc exclusively for Starbucks

starbucks macaron

I made a trip down to the States the other day and couldn’t resist picking up a package of the Chateau Blanc French style “macaroons” from Starbucks. A package of 12 cost $9.95, which may seem a bit steep, but is actually a really good deal. In France, macaron from Pierre Herme and Laduree go for about 2 euro each. In comparison, the Starbucks macaron are a steal!

starbucks macaron 2

The macaron came in six classic flavours: coffee, pistachio, raspberry, chocolate, vanilla and lemon. The lemon was definitely my favourite, texture-wise. A crisp delicate shell gave way to a delightfully soft yielding inside. Other than the lemon, the texture of the other flavours were a bit more chewy than Parisian macaron. I’ve never heard of Chateau Blanc; in the macaron world, most purists champion Laduree and everyone else worships Pierre Herme.

Macaron are notoriously tricky to make and they lose their freshness quickly, so I’m not surprised that the Starbucks offering is nowhere near as delicious as Parisian macaron. That being said, they certainly are better than the macaron that are sold in Vancouver.

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